You may often install the trial version of the program, and if you do not like this program, you must uninstall it. But sometimes you will find is not possible to uninstall a program, he remained in the Windows list of installed programs and reports many errors, many junk files and registry keys / values left on your PC. These programs will cause problems and slow down Windows system quite a lot. This program and will delete all of the data that will be in the software and the uninstall will not remove the impression, and on the Add Or Remove Programs (in the control panel) if you uninstall the program from here, this is not effective enough because the impressions are still died as a folder , temp files, and etc

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With Monitored Programs module it helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new application. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied Add/Remove program which can leave files or changes behind. Alternative uninstaller to Windows Add Remove Programs to remove programs completely.

With Installed Programs module analyze installed programs and create a log that can be used to do a complete uninstall even without the help of provided Add/Remove program.

Last Update : 30 Januari 2009

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With Browsers Cleaner you can also delete temporary internet files which are all the pictures you've seen, all the online videos you've watched and all the web pages you've visited. Deleting Temporary Internet Files will free a lot of space on your hard disk.
Your browser makes a detailed record of every web site you've ever visited. only by pressing a button in which every person can see you are browsing the web and delete history of web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera.

Ability :
* Clear History of Visited Internet Web Pages
* Delete Address Bar History
* Delete Temporary Internet Files
* Delete Cookies
* Delete Index.dat files /after restart/
* Delete Firefox, Opera and Netscape Download History
* Delete Firefox, Opera and Netscape Form History
* Delete Opera Session History

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Revo Uninstaller helps you to uninstall software and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall them from "Windows Add or Remove Programs" control panel applet.
With its advanced and fast algorithm, Revo Uninstaller analyzes an application's data before uninstall and scans after you uninstall an application.Revo Uninstaller is a much faster and more powerful alternative to "Windows Add or Remove Programs" applet!

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This software supports numerous picture formats, and includes more than the common picture editing functions. Aoao Photo Editor helps you add image or text to photos, convenient and its processing is fast, it supports many kinds of picture formats

Key Features Avaible :
· Alter batch of file names or folder names.
· Turn over and revolve batch of images.
· Add batch of text explain in images.
· Add batch of images by kinds of mix ways in images.
· Adjust batch of images eg, adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Balance, Invert, Sharpen, Blur, art photos and so on.
· Protract batch of figures.
· Transform batch of picture format.
· Adjust batch of image measure.
· Export serial images of flash cartoon.
· Export batch of many screen images from film.
· Screenshot custom area to edit at any time.
· Export catalog listed files into text files.


· Pentium II
· 32 MB RAM

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Photo Effects is a program that will allow you to process your photos by using various filters.
You can combine effects and create truly fantastic compositions. It is possible to apply the selected filters both to the entire image and to its parts highlighting the most important fragment of the photo.Photo Effects makes it possible to not only process, but also decorate photos. It offers you more than 100 frames and masks that will decorate portraits, landscapes and even simple casual shots.
For example, you can apply a classic frame and then use lighting effects to add realistic sunlight to its contour. Try to use this feature more often and you will see how pretty the images Photo Effects creates are.

Key Features :
· Effects. There are five categories of filters here: color effects, lighting effect, traditional, artistic and distortion filters.
· Decoration. If you open this tab, you will find five types of frames, including classic frames, relief frames, masks, etc.

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Lifeblog is a digital photo album tool designed with mobile phone photographers and bloggers in mind. Nokia Lifeblog phone and PC software will automatically organize your digital media between your mobile phone and PC so you can view, edit, search and share your images and messages.
with its lifeblog we have to share a variety of multimedia files that have.
regular on its purchase of a gadget, especially nokia Nokia N-series will be / in the cd provided sebuak containing lifeblog software, Nokia PC Suite adobe reader and as its

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Nokia PC Suite Final is a breakthrough in new storage media, one example is we can sync data, move right, or recharge the device / gadget we. out with the right software to its users this gadget nokia, sync its data via bluetooth, infrared and cable data.
Nokia PC Suite is a package of Windows - based PC applications developed especially for use with Nokia phones.


· Nokia Mobile Phone connected to your PC

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Reason v4.0.1 is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to change the ideas into music. And that's more than just a set of excellent synths and effects. It's a complete music system.


· Intel Pentium III 600 MHz or better
· 256 MB RAM
· 2 GB free hard disk space

Reason v4.0.1 Demo which has all the features of the full version but also have a few shortages, it is one does not have support for serial and refills after 20 minutes. The full version of Reason comes with a 1 G + sound bank.

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The result is a song or loop can be exported to WAV/MP3 file and all MIDI events can be exported to standard MIDI files.
this program is often called in as a DJ because the software capabilities that can create sound effects based on what we type in the box available.
Fruity loops Studio is a pattern based sequencer meaning you can make it in the song (patterns) using the Step Sequencer and the Piano Roll view and then weld them together using pieces of playlist window (the Playlist also supports full-feature


· Pentium III
· 256MB RAM
· 200MB free Harddisk Space

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Mp3DirectCut is a very small program that helps you edi MPEG audio directly. This program can cutting song with format mp3, wav and format music others.
You can remove parts, change the volume or copy regions to several new files.

Key Features :

. Non-destructive cut, copy, paste
· Volume change, fade, normalize, pause detection
· mp3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder
· Fast mp3 visualisation and easy navigation
· Supports Layer 2 (dvd/dvb audio)
· ID3v1.1 tag editor, ID3v2 tag keeping
· Cue Sheet support
· Auto cue (track dividing by time values)
· Track splitting with filename and ID3v1.1 tag creation
· VU meter, bitrate visualisation
· High speed recorder
· Fast play
· Command line usage

Download Link :

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Cool Edit software is published by Syntrillium. And features - features that we can take advantage of the cut songs, combining songs, change the file formats such as Developer : Syntrillium Software

Size / OS : 19.3 MB
Last Updated: April 9th, 2003, 12:49 GMT

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Astra Gift Maker is a free tool for creating stand-alone jigsaw puzzles out of arbitrary images (family pictures, images downloaded from the Internet, etc.). Create a jigsaw puzzle and email it to your friends or publish it on your web page.

No additional software is required to put such a puzzle together: everything is included in the puzzle itself. Yet the puzzles come out compact and suitable for distribution.

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Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. Atmosphere Lite enables you to create your own custom relaxing soundscapes and listen to the results in realtime, or record to wav using the inbuilt recorder. This enables you to easily create royalty free wav sounds and custom nature sound CD's. Atmopshere Lite is extremely easy to use and you can have your own scenario up and running in under a minute. Alternatively, choose from the 12 inbuilt scnearios such as thunderstorm, tropical surf, night and many others.

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A complete virtual makeover system for the face that offers full makeup options, all accomplished automatically and without the need to paint on the face.

Makeup options include foundation (with automatic detection of the natural shade), eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, lip liner, and brow mascara.

Also featured are a number of innovative functions such as virtual botox, auto-deaging, auto-feminization, virtual nose jobs, and hot looks.

Facial features can be outlined with a minimum of effort with the use of an advanced pattern recognition module.

The program accepts all major graphical formats as input and can save or print the finished makeover.
Here are some key features of "The Mirror of Beauty":


· Adjust foundation color and amount

· Adjust lipstick color and amount
· Make flat or glossy

Lip liner
· Adjust line liner color and amount

Eye shadow
· Adjust shadow color
· Add above, below, or to side of eyes face

Eye liner
· Adjust liner color
· Adjust pencil size and thickness

Brow mascara
· Adjust mascara color
· Adjust mascara thickness

Bee-stung lips
· Increase size of top and bottom lips

· Go back in time by amount you set

Warp to model
· Change the structure of your face to that of a model

Make painting
· Make a painting of your

· Smooth out wrinkles on brow, around eyes, or around mouth

Nose job
· Reduce the length or the width of your nose

· Adjust blush color
· Adjust blush area and thickness

· Adjust amount and color of glitter

Hair style
· Choose from short, medium, and long styles and change hair color

· Automatically make your face look more feminine

· Get a new look with a single click with or without a new hairdo

· Add flowers, hats, tiaras, and headresses to your look

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Surely diving on the website of Youtube've found more than once that you do not expect videos and you'd like to keep on your hard drive forever.MassTube lets you do that, and much more.

MassTube stresses primarily by two virtues.First, the speed with which download videos, and secondly the possibility of turning them into MP3, OGG, MP4 (iPod), 3GP (mobile or cellular), AVI, FLV, SWF and MPG (v1 and v2 ) Much more manageable and normal that the original Youtube FLV.These are some of its main qualities:

* Renowned automatic video files.
* Ability to cancel downloads.
* Notice at the end of the discharge.
* Autosaving of basic configurations and the list of downloads to close the program.
* The list or queue videos can go to download updated in real time, without waiting to complete a discharge under way.
* We can save all links from the list to a text file.
* Clean downloads completed or wrong from the list.
* The cache files used by the program will automatically cleaning.

MassTube is simple, easy to use and quite effective.In addition, totally free and in Spanish language.What more can we ask?

*Provisionally, the description of this program has been directly taken from an external spanish translator, non-related to We are working hard in order to personally translate every single description properly, as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Click MusicalKEYS will change your computer into a virtual music lab. With 128 musical instruments, you can play the best music of your choice. You can also save your favorites in the MIDI file format for free using the MIDI Converter utility. Click MusicalKEYS is completely free, so check it out. Updates to Click MusicalKEYS are available in monthly basis.

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Switcher puts you in control of your windows. See all your windows on one screen, quickly search through them, even decorate them with your favorite colors and fonts. Let's get started!

Installing and running Switcher
Switching between windows
Installing and running Switcher
1.Switcher requires Windows Vista and Aero. Click here to determine if you have Aero.
2 Go to the Switcher home page.
3 Click the Download Switcher link.
4 When asked to run Run or Save, click Run.
Running the Switcher installer

5 Follow the installation instructions.
6 When you're done, run Switcher from the Start menu.
Starting Switcher
After running Switcher for the first time, it will automatically start when you log on.

Switching between windows

1 Once Switcher is running, make sure you have 2 or more windows open.
2 Press Windows+~ to begin switching between windows.
he ~ key is next to the Esc key. If you're using a non-US keyboard layout or find the ~ key difficult to press, see the Shortcuts section for information on changing this shortcut.You can also configure hot corners to switch between windows. See the Shortcuts section for more information.
3 Use the arrow keys, Windows+~, Windows+Shift+~, or the mouse to navigate between the windows.
4 Press Page Up and Page Down to switch between views. There are three available views:

Dock view places all windows except the active one to the side.

Grid view arranges the windows into a grid.

Tile view shrinks the windows until you can see all of them.

5 Activate a window by clicking it, pressing Enter, or pressing the number that appears on the window.


Got a billion windows open? Here's how to find the window you need:

1 Begin switching between windows.
2 Start typing the text of the window you're trying to find. A search box will automatically appear, and the windows will move and hide themselves until only the ones matching your text appear.
For example, if the window is titled Vacation Photographs, you can type either vacation or photo to find it.
Search box


Switcher has many settings you can change to fit your needs.

1 After running Switcher it'll place an icon in the taskbar:

2 Double-click the icon to display Switcher settings.


My favorite color is blue. Others like brown or orange. Instead of trying to be all those colors, Switcher lets you choose.

1 Open Switcher settings.
2 Click the Window Style section.
3 Adjust fonts, colors, sizes, and positions however you like. A preview is displayed on the side.

4 Remember to also change the appearance of selected windows using the Window state combo box at the top.


You can change all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts to what works best for you.

1 Open Switcher settings.
2 Click the Shortcuts section.
3 Here you can directly change the keyboard and mouse shortcuts that begin Switcher.
Shortcut settings

4 To change other shortcuts, click Edit Shortcuts. The Switcher Shortcuts window will appear with a list of commands. Each command may be associated with several shortcuts.

Shortcut settings

5. Switcher supports three types of shortcuts: keyboard shorcuts, mouse shortcuts over the screen, and mouse shortcuts over windows. These are described in further detail below.

Keyboard shortcuts

These shorcuts are activated by pressing keys on your keyboard, for example Windows+~, Ctrl+F, or even the arrow keys.

Keyboard shortcuts have the following options:

* Global shortcut: When checked, indicates that the shortcut works when Switcher is not active.
* Activate when shortcut is: Indicates when the associated command is triggered.
*Pressed: The command is triggered when the key is pressed down.
* Released: The command is triggered when the key is let go.
* End session when shortcut is released: When checked, Switcher will end the session and select the active window when the keys are let go.

Mouse over screen shortcuts

These shorcuts are activated for mouse activity on the screen.

Mouse over screen shortcuts have the following options:

* Activate when: Indicates the mouse activity that activates the shortcut.
*Button is pressed: A mouse button is pressed down.
*Button is released: A mouse button is let go.
*Mouse has moved: The mouse cursor has moved across the screen.
*Wheel has moved down: The mouse wheel has moved down.
*Wheel has moved up: The mouse wheel has moved up.
* Activate on: Restricts the shortcut to a certain monitor if you have multiple monitors.
* Global shortcut: When checked, indicates that the shortcut works when Switcher is not active.
* Screen corners and edges: Restricts the shortcut to certain corners and edges of the screen.
* Mouse buttons: The mouse buttons that activate the shortcut. If multiple buttons are selected, any of the buttons will activate the shortcut.
* Keyboard modifiers: The keyboard buttons that all must be pressed to activate the shortcut.

Mouse over window shortcuts

These shortcuts are activated when the mouse touches a window or the background during a session.

Mouse over window shortcuts have the following options:

* Activate when: Same as mouse over screen shortcuts.
* Activate when mouse is over:
*Window: The shortcut activates when the mouse is over a window.
*Background: The shortcut activates when the mouse is over the background, and not a window.
* Mouse buttons: Same as mouse over screen shortcuts.
* Keyboard modifiers: Same as mouse over screen shortcuts.

Download Switcher v2.0.0

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SBMAV Disk Cleaner 2009 is a one-stop suite with over 6 tools to do a thorough cleanup. In just one click, you can find and remove the clogging junk out of Windows and applications, uninstall unnecessary programs, remove duplicate files, delete cookies, disable auto-loaders that slow down system startup and much more. The tools are delivered in a nice-looking interface, which requires no learning as it’s totally intuitive for beginners.
SBMAV Disk Cleaner is an advanced hard disk cleaner for Windows that can safely clean your disk! It is designed to clean a hard drive of various informational trash having no importance, which simply clutters the disks. Using this software, you can search for and delete temporary system files and folders from the system (as well as files left over from other applications), search for and delete incorrect shortcuts (which refer to non-existent files and folders), uninstall software, delete unneeded cookies, and find file duplicates.The software also helps you work with user files: detect and delete old backup copies and documents, perform searches for file duplicates using different parameters, and then detect and delete unnecessary files.

Download Link :

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Do you like music? Do you use a computer? Then you need Ashampoo Music Studio 3. This program always been a favorite of digital music fans and the latest version now includes everything you need to create, edit and manage your digital music collection. And using it is nearly as simple as operating a CD player.

Ashampoo Music Studio 3 at a glance:
Rip CDs: You can rip (copy) tracks from audio CDs directly to the format of your choice (WMA, MP3, Ogg, FLAC and WAV).
Import CD data: Automatically import album, title and track details for your audio CDs from an online database.
Playlists: Import external playlists in M3U, PLS, ASX, P4U and WPL formats.
Burn: Burn your playlists to regular audio CDs or Data CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs containing digital audio tracks in single or mixed formats.
Edit: Edit your audio tracks. Change the title, artist etc. Convert your tracks to other formats. Cut, mix and modify your tracks. Fade in, fade out, mix, crossfade, change volume, insert silence etc. Normalize volume levels.
Record: Record directly from all your sound card inputs (microphone, line in etc.) and store the tracks directly as WMA, MP3, Ogg, FLAC or WAV files.

Repair: Find, move and repair damaged digital audio files.
What's new and cool:
Multi-format CD ripping: You can now rip tracks directly from audio CDs to WMA, MP3, Ogg, FLAC or WAV files. The files are stored directly while you are ripping, no conversion needed.
Audio recording: Record directly from any audio source (microphone, aux, line in etc.) to WMA, MP3, Ogg, FLAC or WAV files. Here too, the files are stored directly as you record. You can also record from multiple sources at the same time using the Windows mixer.
File organization: You can now rename multiple audio files using patterns like %artist% - %title%. You can also use the feature to move files to specified folders. These features are great for organizing your music collection.
Audio file editing: Extensive new audio editing features. You can convert audio tracks to different formats and quality settings. You can cut, mix and modify your tracks as you like. You can normalize the volume of your tracks to a standard level. You can add effects like fade in and fade out. You can mix tracks and add crossfades. You can change the volume. You can insert silence or replace sound with silence. You can insert split markers to cut long audio files into manageable pieces.
CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning: The program’s burning features have been further improved. In addition to burning audio and MP3 CDs you can now burn DVDs and Blu-ray discs with audio files. Here too, you can use all the formats supported by the program (WMA, MP3, Ogg, FLAC, and WAV) and you can also burn mixed-format CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
Extended playlist import support: You can now also import playlists from WinAmp M3U, PLS, ASX, P4U and WPL formats.
Improved damaged file repair features: The program can find, repair and move damaged audio files in all the following formats: MP3, Ogg, FLAC, WAV.

Download Link :

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Plan, create, and deliver anywhere with the intelligent post-production solution.Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Production Premium software is a must-have solution for creative professionals who need to craft world-class video, audio, and interactive media — on air, online, on device, and invariably on deadline.This is the FINAL Version NOT BETA.The Activation Crack Will Be Uploaded When it's Available & Tested.Into a package enter: InDesign CS4 | Photoshop CS4 Extended | Illustrator CS4 | Acrobat 9 Pro | Flash CS4 Professional Dreamweaver CS4 | Fireworks CS4 | Contribute CS4 | After Effects CS4 | Adobe Premiere Pro CS4| Soundbooth CS4 | Adobe OnLocation CS4 | Encore CS4 | Adobe Bridge CS4 | Adobe Device Central CS4|Dynamic Link | Version Cue CS4...

Original image(.iso)

After Effects CS4
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Photoshop CS4 Extended
Flash CS4 Professional
Illustrator CS4
Soundbooth CS4
Adobe OnLocation CS4
Encore CS4
Adobe Bridge CS4
Adobe Device Central CS4

Download Link

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Ultra DVD Creator is a powerful and handy tool to create DVD VCD SVCD Video Disc from almost all formats of video files including AVI DivX XVid MPEG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV MKV, So you can play movies on your home DVD Player. It is a revolutionary and versatile DVD creator.
With this software, you can convert any video files to DVD VCD SVCD compatible mpeg file and burn to CD or DVD disc.Use this software to create VCD/DVD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded files.
You can create video VCD/DVD disc freely without any special knowledge in this field, every thing it left you is easy.

Key Functions

Video Disc Creator
Create video VCD SVD DVD disc from AVI DivX XVid MPEG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV etc video files. So you can play it on your home DVD Player.
Video Disc Burner
Burn the exist DVD comaptible VOB, VCD compatible MPEG-1 or SVCD compatible MPEG-2 files to VCD/SVCD DVD disc
Mpeg File Converter
Converts the AVI DivX XviD MPG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV 3GP etc video files to DVD(VOB) or SVCD VCD compatible MPEG files, DVD-Video files, VCD SVCD BIN/CUE image.

Key Features

Create DVD VCD SVCD Video Disc
Support almost all formats of video including AVI DivX XVid MPEG WMV ASF MOV RM MP4 FLV 3GP MKV
Burn DVD VCD SVCD compatible mpeg file to CD or DVD disc
Burn DVD-Video files to DVD disc
Burn VCD SVCD BIN/CUE image to CD disc
Convert video files to DVD VCD SVCD compatible mpeg file
Convert video files to DVD-Video files
Convert video files to VCD SVCD BIN/CUE image
Built-in DVD Author
Support a broad range of DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW burners
All encoders/codec are built-in and any supported conversion can be done once you downloading the software
Add subtitile onto the output DVD VCD SVCD
Output size adjustment, output quality adjustment
Cut unwanted parts by specifing start time and end time
Support AC3 sound format (only output for DVD)
Support "Drag and Drop" from Windows Explorer
Support NTSC and PAL TV mode
Auto set Normal TV's aspect ratio(4:3) and HDTV's aspect ratio(16:9)
Auto add Letter Box to target DVD
Custom define the output audio volume

Download:( 8,99 MB )

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Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS Locator combines Streets & Trips–the #1 best-selling travel and map software–with a sleek Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that plugs into the USB port on your laptop PC. Whether your next trip will be coast to coast or just across town, with Streets & Trips and your included GPS locator you’ll drive with confidence. Just plug it into your laptop and go!

Enhanced, affordable trip-planning software makes road trip planning and travel even easier for consumers.

Every trip is a good one with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009! With tools and features to help you create custom routes, set driving preferences, plan breaks, and calculate travel costs, this trip planning software makes travel easier, whether you’re going around town or anywhere across the U.S. and Canada. As the #1 best-selling travel and map software, it gets you where you’re going quickly, easily, and without all the guesswork.

No Serial or Activation Required. This is a VL (Volume License) Release.

For more than a decade, Microsoft Corp. has been committed to providing intuitive and easy-to-use mapping solutions that help consumers plan ahead and drive with confidence once on the road. Microsoft has taken its commitment to the next level with the launch today of Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 Standard and Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 with GPS Locator, which combines the No. 1 best-selling1 travel and mapping software for the U.S. with a Pharos Science & Applications Inc. Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that plugs into the Universal Serial Bus port on a PC. The updated versions deliver the trip-planning and driving tools that consumers have come to love and expect, along with several new and enhanced features that will help consumers save even more time and money while on the road.


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