Perfect Disk Defrag with the windows on the Disk Defragmenter to clean up the files that are not useful or more in the know with a trash file.
and the perfect disk defrag has strength on the software can clean the registry file and file issues. and for those who want to download it click the link below:

A large hard drive capacity allows usern store files that many do not and is not ordinal. However, various problems may be found along with the use of hard disks, among others, the read / write file is long enough so that the burden disk, and can shorten the age of the disk.

To arrange and mengurutka files are, need to be defrag. Defrag utility has been provided by the Windows operating system, but only features the standard. If you want to defrag in excess, you should use special software to handle defrag. One of which is quite popular, and in the special design with a large disk drive is Perfect Disk defrag.

Apliakasi Perfect Disk defrag this disk defragmentasi solutions through combining speed, flexibility, control and convenience to enhance peforma PC or Server. Currently, PerfectDisk defrag 2009 update has been issued. Some bugs and improvements to increase peforma included in the newest update. Among them is the improvement of boot-time defrag, repair via the network port configuration file config.ini, improvements in the selection of the search file folder drive and so forth.

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  1. kang tatang says:

    Hem perlu dicoba nich :)
    Kang tatang

  1. Admin says:

    ya bgs kok mas software nya aku aja law mau defrag pake ini :D

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