Flashdisk can flash? What make? it may first appear when reading this post. Flashdisk can use flash is quite diverse, which often make use Norton Ghost for cloning or programs that are often in a powerful CD, flash boot this can be an alternative. In addition to the utility the right, through the boot flash dos this we can create and manage partitions of hard disk easily good model for the partition FAT, NTFS or Linux. In fact, we can also perform backup / copy files from hard drive to NTFS or to / from flash us through this DOS, the solution that is good in crisis eg error NTLDR is Missing. And many more flash booting purposes, including to defrag or scandisk under DOS.

This tutorial first only be able to create flash Flashdisk, later there will be a continuation of the article under DOS software utility that is suitable and can be used with this flash booting.

How to create flash Flashdisk :

1. Extract the two files to download earlier results. Will file: SP27608.exe and Win98 folder.

2. Install the program from the HP is running with the file SP27608.exe.

3. Enter Flashdisk and HP Launch the program through the Start menu - Programs - Hewlett Packard Company

4. At the DEVICE, select the earlier Flashdisk already connect to the PC.

The File System, select the FAT 32

For Volume Label, please fill in with any

nah in the Format Options, options click the Create a DOS Startup Disk and select the Using DOS system files located at:, click a button ... and browse to the WIN98 folder extract the line.

5. Click Start button, select YES and wait for confirmation when the formatting is complete.

6. Copy the folder in Win98 to flash.

After completed, the test time is whether flash can be used for booting or not. Restart the PC and go into BIOS, make sure the options in the Drive USB switch (if there is no cuek aja). To the BOOT SEQUENCE, in some motherboards have options try to select the USB Drive, in another motherboard sometimes seen as Harddisk flash, set the boot sequence to hard drive and into the boot disk options to set the first boot from the flash us. Another alternative is by pressing the F12 key or the key shortcut Enter Boot Menu, and select and test one at the existing options.

When the motherboard boot flash support, should automatically go to a later DOS Win98.
Nah, if already signed in, in the meantime we can use the new utility default win98 dos that have
in the win98 folder. Another post, I will give some of the utility under dos can be useful in treating the PC.

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