Uniblue RegistryBooster 2009 v2.1.0.0 is a software that uses the registry to improve our OS. Developer and creator of the program is the same with Uniblue Speed Up My Pc 3.5. However, this special software to handle the problem in the registry yag our computer, so that will optimize the performance of our computer.

Many computer users sometimes forget that the importance of considering registry2 in the computer. So that will make the slow work computer. Not only are viruses that can make us become a computer crash, hang and not comfortable. Registry of the computer system we are also one of faktornya. Especially the old registry is not used anymore and eror.

In his capacity, Uniblue RegistryBooster 2009 can be regarded complete. And, most importantly when we will clean a registry card in the PC system, there are menu options for its memory backup. For more details see below the advantages and capabilities of the software yag this one;

Key Benefits of Registry Booster 2009 :

• Clean Your System and Boost Performance
• Repair Your PC and Keep It Tuned
• Exceptionally Simple to Use
• More Scanning Options
• An Ignore List
• Log Generation
• Windows Vista Compatible
• Safe and Trusted

Features of RegistryBooster 2009 :

User Interface:
• Windows Familiar GUI
• System Tray Shortcut
• Automatic Registry Scan Shows Scan Progress
• System Overview and Recommendations
• Extensive Manual and Help

Registry Scan:
• Scan History and Summary
• Advanced Error Detection Technology
• Automatic Removal
• Manual Removal
• Ignore List
• Detailed Error Descriptions
• ActiveX, OLE, COM Sections Scan Help Section Scan
• User Software Settings Scan
• System Software Settings Scan
• Shared DLLs Section Scan
• System Drivers Scan
• Invalid File Associations Scan
• Startup Section Scan
• Sound and App Events Scan
• Uninstall Section Scan

Registry Defrag:
• Registry Defrag.
• History Automatic Registry Defrag

Backup & Restore:
• Automatic Backup During Scan
• Backup History
• One-Click Registry Restore

I need this software belongs on every PC / laptop that we have. Because of its capabilities and features. Moreover, if the download d60pc.com can get for free Full version, the site of the authorized software valued $ 29.95

Install instructions:

Do not forget, when you uninstall this software when the process is in progress and asked to activate this softwre Select the option "enter license code". Or after the installation process to select the menu on the "REGISTER". No serial for it I have provided on the download link under the program this posting me: style:. This software support and support for OS Windows XP and Vista.

To download this software, select the download link I provided below;

Download Here

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