Windows TinyXP Professional SP2 Beast Edition Unattended CD
This special Beast Edition of TinyXP is designed to be hell fast!

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express have been removed from this dition. Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla hunderbird email lient are included as replacements to Internet Explorer and Outlook xpress. The latest edition of MSN Messenger (v7.5) is also installed.
TinyXP Beast Edition Statistics:

Windows Performance Info…
Operating System RAM Memory Usage = 42Mb
WINDOWS Folder = 321.6 Mb
Running Processes on First Install = 13
Install Time for Windows = Seven Minutes

Windows XP Pro Custom Added Features

Integrated Service Pack 2 (WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe)
Registry Tweaks For Performance/Gaming/Internet

Silent Installs

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser v1.5.0.4
Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client v1.5.0.4 (20060516)
MSN Messenger v7.5.0324

Integrated Critical Post SP2 Hotfixes
(Windows Updates) up to 28th March 2006…

and many, many more

Download :

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