Onspeed 6.0.9b214
ONSPEED is the Universal Internet - accelerating of onspeed is an effective decision for millions of users, displeased at connecting speed to the Internet and the real alternative of shirokopolosnoy connection.Dial-up and GPRS accelerates to 10 times and xDSL-connections - to 5 times. + substantial economy of traffic.

Accelerating of Internet-ONSPEED it:
-Dial-up on speed of the dedicaded line!
-ADSL with an acceleration to 5 times!
-For GPRS an acceleration is to 10 times, an economy is a to 90% traffic
-To 90% economy the internet of tarifikatsii
-Down files and blocking of spam
-Simplest installation on RS and MAC
-Effective work without changing of provider and usual tuning
-Comfortable decision, not requiring the purchase of the special equipment
How to do daylap quick?

Work of utility is carried out on very simple principle.
Onspeed is a connective link between your computer and proksi-serverom of its developers, on which a request for the load of site pereadresuetsya from a browser. A server, skipping through itself the inquired information, squeezes them in accordance with the indicated tuning and passes them
back to the utility on Your computer, and ta, in same queue, to your browser.
I.e. a browser "takes" away all information already not from the Internet, but with onspeed. By plan of developers, the program must be the original archiving of sites, passing to the browser an original not page (we will say by volume of 1,1 Mb), but compressed in once or twice.

Language of Interface: English
Platform: Windows All

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