Longman Pronunciation Dictionary 2008 Coach
The third edition continues the excellent tradition of the previous editions, but with extensive additions and improvements.
* 3000 added headwords
* results of two new opinion polls
* CD-ROM with the Longman Pronunciation Coach

New headwords

Among the new headwords are:

* proper names, e.g. Athenry, Aung San Suu Kyi, Bussell, Cruyff, Ericsson, Obama, Rowling, Sentamu, Tehachapi, Titchmarsh, Verizon, Whampoa, Zellweger;
* terms relating to the internet, e.g. blogging, chatroom, digicam, eBay, Facebook, Google, podcast, Wikipedia, YouTube;
* and thousands of other assorted new words, e.g. Asbo, bird flu, Botox, chav, latte, nanobot. Among words beginning fa-, for instance, you will now also find faddy, fade-in, ~censored~-hag, fairness, fair-to-middling, fakie, falling-off, falling-out, fan-assisted, fanciable, fancy-dress, Fannie Mae, fantasist, farthermost, fat-free, fault-tolerant, fava.

As in previous editions, non-English words come with the foreign-language phonetics as well as an appropriate anglicization: among the new additions are Abu Ghraib, al Qaeda, haram, niqab, and Sharm-el-Sheikh (Arabic), Ahmadinejad (Farsi), Benfica (Portuguese), Federer (German), gaijin and sudoku (Japanese), kimchi (Korean), mojito (Spanish), Putin (Russian), qi and Qingdao (Chinese), Sarkozy and Taizé (French), Terfel (Welsh), Tórshavn (Faroese).
Preference polls

In addition to the pronunciation preference polls reported in the previous edition, there are now also polling results from two more polls, both conducted on-line:

* for AmE, a survey conducted by Prof. Bert Vaux, including among others the words almond, asterisk, caramel, chromosome, Presley, Thanksgiving and thespian;
* for BrE, a survey conducted by Pearson Education and the author, including among others the words contribute, dissect, kilometre, liquorice, omega, tinnitus and tune. (more...)

with the Longman Pronunciation Coach

The CD-ROM bundled with the dictionary includes

* spoken versions of every headword, in BrE and AmE
* the entire text of the dictionary, on-screen
* a Self-Study Lab (interactive exercises with feedback)
* a Teachers’ Resource Centre with worksheets and suggestions for classroom activities



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