Nitro PDF Professional v5.5.0.16
Nitro PDF Professional - a powerful tooling for creation and editing of files PDF. The program allows to carry out batch operation of files and to scan the document directly in format PDF, has possibility to carry out association of several files in one, to convert documents in PDF from more than three hundreds various types of files. Supports export of files from various office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

* Creation of PDF-documents from more than 300 types of files
* Converting and association of several files in one PDF-document
* Package mode for converting of files in a PDF-format
* Scanning in a PDF-format
* Creation PDF from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, by means of pressing one button
* Automatic creation of "clever" PDF-documents with bookmarks, references, the meta-data and protection from Microsoft Office
* Copying of the text with formatting» Export PDF for the subsequent ипользования in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice and other office programs
* High-grade export of the text and pictures from the PDF-document
* Package mode for converting of several documents
* Insert and text editing, including fonts, colours, the size etc.
* Editing of images - removal, addition, change of the sizes, rotation, a scrap, replacement and extraction
* Editing of parametres of images - brightness, contrast, a saturation etc.
* Editing of pages of the PDF-document - an insert, removal, rotation, a scrap, extraction and replacement of elements
* Addition of headlines, watermarks and the text for all pages of the document » Addition and editing of bookmarks and hyper-references» the Car-creation of references, on the basis of keywords and numbers of pages
* Optimization, compression and restoration of PDF-documents
* Editing of properties of the document, including the meta-given and initial options of viewing
* Allocation of the text maintenance, by means of tools of allocation, underlining and a deletion
* Manual addition of drawings, by means of tool "Pencil"
* Addition of forms for your drawings, such as lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, Ranges and clouds
* Addition of marks on document pages
* Possibility of the appendix of documents »Addition of the text for a feedback
* Sorting and management of comments
* Document Sending in the press on the printer
* Pleasant and stylish user interface, in style Microsoft Office 2007
* And many other possibilities...

New in version 5.5:
- Support for all 64-bit versions of Windows.
- A replace text commenting tool.
- Support for 'Show/hide field' action.
- Full support of Unicode fonts (in all areas of the application) including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
- Integration with Lotus Notes.
- Streamlined deployment for enterprise customers.

Operating system: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Interface Language: English
Size: 34.1 MB
Medicine: Is present

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