First time to get a tutorial in Offline Browsing this from Millis, in mind we certainly implied "enak jg offline browsing" hehee ... I need to pay to the cafe ..... was thought that one .....: D

Still Offline Browsing though title, but still only to use this application we need online .... but its function is useful for someone lumayan the budjet nge-netnya little ..... we can keep browsing our results and we read in the home read - .

Applications that use a lot in the course, but here I will provide guidance on how to use Httrack

Please Download the Application is Click Here

own not only can be used in Windows flatform but also in use in flatform others such as Linux / Unix / FreeBSD, Debian 1386 Packege, and to Vedora RPM Package

Step After Step Downloading Applications Httack are:
1. Httrack installation on your computer, or PC in the cafe (Tentunya. ... I do I can install in the pke)
2. Please Go Httrack'y .... the view that you will get the httrack like this

3. The next step is click Next, the display will go out like this

1.2 Image making Project

In the Project Name project, please fill in name of the site will be offline for you ...

Category field in the project as you wish

Base Path for Defaulnya in the C: \ My Web Site, please change and taroh folder in your own ....

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