Once there was a little monkey named kiki marie
After cleaning her room sixteen times she took her allowance to the magnet store.There were many magnets to choose from She picked the wiener dog, and paid one nickel. And she loved the wiener dog magnet very much.She took it everywhere she would go, and showed it all of her favorite places. But as she got close to the river, where real wiener dogs live, something strange started to happen.Real wiener dogs were sticking to her magnet. She tried to walk on, hoping they would just fall off or something. But they didn't. Finally the dogs were so heavy she couldn't even carry them any more. She wished she had picked a different magnet. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise!, There, in the river, were two alligators trapped in the rapids!, Kiki Marie had an idea. She gathered all her strength (mostly from eating broccoli), and hurled the wiener dogs across the river. Due to the magnetism, they formed a magnetic wiener dog bridge. And the alligators collapsed in safety. The King of All Alligators presented Kiki Marie with a blue ribbon for saving the day. And she, and all of the wiener dogs, slept very soundly that night.

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