WallHack (to sXe-AntiCheat v7.0) for COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 STEAM & NONSTEAM by Matek-Haxi0r and friends

1. Copy STEAM HACK v2.0.dll, CONFIG.cfg, INSTALADOR to the folder where you have the Half Life exe (HL.exe)
2. Now run Your sXe-Injected v7.0
3. Run also program INSTALADOR and click on "INSTALAR"
4. Now run Counter-Strike 1.6 - STEAM or NONSTEAM
5. When you run CS it will appear 2 small windows, accept them by pressing "CARGAR CHEAT" and OK
6. The CS should minimize itself, a window will appear with choice of the dll files, choose Steam Hack v2.0.dll and click OPEN
7. Now connect to some protected sXe server or without this protection
8. To run your WallHack, just press F12 in game

Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial

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