BlueSoleil supports the following kinds of Bluetooth radio adapters: USB, CompactFlash card (UART or BCSP).

With Bluetooth USB Dongle:
Insert the USB dongle to your computer.
Start BlueSoleil.
The plug in and pull out of the USB dongle can be detected by BlueSoleil. You can start BlueSoleil first and then plug in a USB dongle.

Some Bluetooth CompactFlash cards cannot be detected when they are plugged in. Please configure the devices' parameters first.

With Bluetooth CompactFlash card:
Insert the CompactFlash card to your computer and make sure the driver for the CompactFlash card is installed correctly.
Start BlueSoleil.
From BlueSoleil menu, select Tools | Bluetooth Device... to configure device. Select BCSP(or UART) in Bluetooth Device page and configure the COM port parameters in Advanced Configuration page.

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