* Electronic copies of the user guides are included on the Applications CD, in the Documentation folder. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them. Adobe Acrobat Reader is also required to view locally installed tutorials. Adobe Acrobat Reader is included on Disc 2.
* To enable the full-text search (FTS) in the Help for a Windows XP Limited User, the Administrator must first access the application's Help from an Administrator account, click the Search tab, and follow the instructions in the Find Setup wizard. Once this has been done, all XP Limited Users can use the full-text search in the Help.

Web Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, and Netscape Navigator 4, are supported for use with the Web features of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11.


Periodically, it may become necessary to restore the application’s workspace to the default settings. To do this, hold down F8 (Windows) or Shift (Mac OS), and start the application. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to overwrite the current workspace with the factory default. Click Yes. The application will start using the default settings for the currently selected workspace. Note that you will lose any workspace customization that you have done. See the Help for information about creating, using, and customizing multiple workspaces.

Notes for Windows Users

Application presets

Application presets are saved to your user profile folder. In some cases, your user profile folder will be hidden from view in Windows Explorer. If presets are hidden, you can display them by doing the following:

1. Double-click My Computer on the Desktop, or load Windows Explorer.
2. Click Tools > Folder options.
If you are using Windows 98 or earlier, click View > Folder options.
3. Click the View tab.
4. Enable the Show hidden files and folders option.
If you are using Windows 98 or earlier, enable the Show all files option.

File associations

If both CorelDRAW 10 and CorelDRAW 11 are installed on the same system, some file formats may be associated with Corel PHOTO-PAINT 10. To override this, you must change the file associations within the application. Click Tools > Options. In the list of categories, double-click Global, double-click Filters, and click Associate. Enable the check boxes for the file types you want to associate with the application.

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