Al-hamdulillah blessing at friends and critics for the inputs and suggestions that do not have a blog to build my age have a month. This blog is launching on 1 april 2009.

Basically, I create this blog special business facilities but I think the thought did not match with the domain name to its final form it is the description "Download Center" is the name for more fer to greet the friends of all. Although at the end of this blog is also a means of business.

Al-hamdulillah blog even though this young age but many of its development is also at the blessing of the frequency / blog to visit his friends the senior. From there the ones I can input an article from the friends that are useful for my blog and personal.

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One Responses to "The First Anniversary Of My Blog"

  1. mahendra says:

    congratulation.....4 ur anniversary....nice sites...

  1. kamus pengetahuan says:

    congrat.. sorry, I'm late..

  1. not important diary says:

    i have smiled on your adsense. I hope u smile me back. congrat to your blog anniversary

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