Info :
-Only useless components that takes allot of space were removed!
-This version was Modified from the original “Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 Retail DVD”.
-Vista Mix will automaticaly activate so you can freely download all Microsoft updates and extras. If you are experiencing problems with activation, feel free to email me..!
-110+ registry tweaks applied for better performance and easier use!
-Installation takes about 30-35 minutes to complete!
-Size in 10 minutes after installation is 8.10GB!
-Repair feature is available, so u can repair windows.
-You can perform 2 types of automated installations, either by booting the DVD or by running “setup.exe” in Windows mode. “Although it is recommened to do a fresh install from boot”!

-I ran lots of test and EVERYTHING in this version runs smooth!!
-No Viruses, Malwares, ect., tested with the top viruse scanners, Kaspersky, NOD32! 101% satisfaction!
-This version have been uploaded to many file hosting sites also uploaded a torrent to thepiratebay!
-This version supports to be installed on a system with 256Mb of RAM! “Although 512mb or more is recommended”!

Platform: Windows
Release Date: 05-12-2009
Version: Based on Vista Ultimate 32-Bit
Fully Unattended: Yes
Digitally Signed for Security: Yes
CD-Key: N/A
Size: 3.1 GB
Rar files: 15
Image Format: ISZ

((Modifications & Extras))
*Faster Browsing With IE!
*Latest Direct X Version!
*Dreamscene Update Integrated!
*Upgrade and Repair Options Are Available!
*4GB Of Ram Is Supported In This Version!
*All System Files Are Optomized For Best Performance!
*Registry Tweaks For Better performance and Many Other Useful Registry Tweaks: “Take Ownership” in context menu, search in context menu, Additional Avlon Effects ( DWM ), Slow Motion Effect ( DWM ), Enabled Glass Effect without a supported graphic card, Useraccounts 2 on ControlPanel, Enabled ClearType, etc.

*Customized Default Sounds!
*Customized Default Aero Theme!
*Customized Default Mouse Cursor!
*Customized Default Logon Screen!
*Customized Default Icons!
*Customized Default Media Center Skin!
*Customized Default Windows Media Player Skin!
*Customized Explorer!

*Vista Mix Extras folder! (This Folder Contains Download Links For More Themes, Wallpapers, Sidebar Gadgets, etc…!)
*340 Coolest HD Wallpapers! New
*92 Sidebar Skins!
*1000 Sidebar Gadgets!
*2,450 Useraccount Pictures!
*5,000 Vista Fonts!
*130 High Quality Logon Screens!
*65 High Quality Dreamscenes!
*80 Hih Quality Bootskins!
*140 Windows Media Player Skins!
*14 New Screen Savers!
*100 Best Themes!
*60 Icon Packages!
*20 Mosuse Cursor Sets!
*33 Very Useful Applications!
*4 Sound Schemes!

*Windows 7 Calculator!
*Transparent CMD Look!
*Blue Task Manager!
*Animated User Picture!
*Cool Orb Animation and Sound!
*New Animated Shell Color!

and many more features

try now : Total Size 3,2 GB

Download Link

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