Next in this investigation will be how you can chat via HP. How easy, cheap and fast download.

The first time, you must download the application via its your phone browser. The address can dituju, among others. This site provides a lot of applications that HP can you get for free.

For more convenience, here we discuss a chat software called mig33. You can download the software via the computer. entrance to the site to download the software. Or to download directly via phone, go to the site and press quick download, and enter the following code 17188. Then follow the steps.

Download to Mobile: Open with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 17188

After you successfully download, please follow the registration instructions. Enter your username and password you want.

Please note! Username mig33 is the code on your name in chat. Mig33 based in the username in the chat and add contacts. MXit does not like the phone number based in the operations.

Do not forget to men-check "save password" so you do not need to type the password each time you login. After that you will receive a code (key) that will be sent via sms. Enter the code to the next stage.

If all this is done, you can use the application with the login first. This application has its own community, such as chatrooms (press to open the menu-open the chatroom). So do not be afraid if you are new and have not yet registered mig33 contact. To add contacts to your mig33 there are many different ways. Through menu-> add contact-> mig33 username and enter your friend.

Do not forget to activate the first phone in your phone. Costs charged only the cost of GPRS (I use indosat-m3 does not 300rupiah up to chat during 1Jam). Welcome to try!

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