Sometimes made us dizzy with the performance of our PC is the longer the leled aja, due to limited memory on the hard disk and RAM. To be able to overcome this problem is to add RAM in your PC so that the performance of data processing can be increased. However, sometimes we hit a problem because the cost price of RAM is not cheap. To overcome this problem one solution is to create Flashdisk into RAM with the help of software Eboostr.
Software Eboostr this can speed up PC performance with the help Flashdisk. How it works ....

Software Eboostr this can speed up PC performance with the help Flashdisk. How it works space allocated capacity flash memory cache to improve system performance so that the PC so much faster, the larger capacity flash the better, perhaps this can be used as an alternative to the flash memory because the price of the cheaper RAM. Use up to four flash devices to speed up PC performance. This software can add speed to your PC without having to upgrade hardware.

Eboostr the development of the ReadyBoost and SuperFetch in the windows vista. This software can be made to increase the memory capacity of RAM on windows XP. Software is equipped with smart caching feature so that you can file applications and work more optimally. Eboostr support devices with USB and Non-Removable Media Device such as (CF, SD / SDHC, MMC, xD memory cards are the other) and can use an empty hard disk memory to be allocated as a cache.

However, the USB device can only run fast if the USB port on the computer already verdi 2.0, I have not speednya slow speed and the process is also reduced. For additional USB devices can be added up to 4 devices can be used to space the cache at once. Cache size on each device can reach a maximum of 4 GB, I use NTFS is not limited in size.

Well, now I just get on what Eboostr. So you make the best use of this application must first download the application.
Eboostr Version 2.2 Build 424

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