Sometimes when we are irritated asik2nya smsan arrived arrived HP SMS memory is full and we have to delete some sms can smsan first new again. Because memory SMS HP SE 150 sms free, what memory is full and I deleted the sms you have incoming sms HP so I would like to receive smsnya be lost.

To overcome this problem, there is one solution to create a memory that is so unlimited SMS with how to change sms directory memory file system in HP. After doing this all the tricks that have SMS in HP will be lost, so backup first SMS which is considered important. Ok, here is to create a memory STEP 2 hp so unlimited SMS:

Previously, there are some files and tools needed to do this:
> SETool2Lite
> EPIUSB Driver
> SMS Unlimited

The first step is to install the driver EPIUSB, I have in the previous post. I PCnya is installed, open SETool2lite, in the MISC files enter SMS Unlimited file it. In the Phone Type select the type of phone you. This trick can only be used on HP SE in the list, I do so I can have.

Click Flash, turn off the HP batre pull the HP and enter again, press the button on the HP c, connect the phone with the PC via a data cable. Do so several times according to the command that is in the SETool2Lite. Wait some time until SEtool2Lite successfully upload the file to the HP File System.

I pull the phone is completed, loose battery and insert again. Turn on phone and see in the inbox sms deh must ilang SMSnya all, it means I was successful. Well now I need more ribet ribet deh delete SMS, SMS cz its memory is unlimited. But what I can accumulate a lot of HP to make running slow, so I get so slow aja delete SMS that is important. I have been saving up to 800 SMS SMS more

the trick is, tricks the other followed, okey!.

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