Igor is a 2008 computer animated comedy film, it is a humorous take on the stock character Igor. The plot revolves around the grotesque title figure Igor (voiced by Cusack) and his dreams of winning first place at the Evil Science Fair. The movie was released on September 19, 2008.
The film is set in the thriving village of Malaria, the economy of which is based almost exclusively on agriculture. When a mysterious change in climate causes Malaria's crops to wilt, the people are impoverished, allowing the newly-risen leader styling himself "King Malbert" (Jay Leno) to propose a new economy based on the creation of increasingly sophisticated, bizarre, monstrous and terrifying inventions, an idea that soon becomes the community's cultural core. Thereafter the inventors of frightening machines, who are known as "Evil Scientists", become the ruling class and are depicted overall as commanding, arrogant figures.

Scamper and Brain follow Igor into the Disposal and free him. All three rush toward the Fair to save Eva. While searching for a means of approach, Igor discovers that the darkening of the sky which resulted in the climate's change over Malaria is caused and sustained by a machine implied to have been created by King Malbert. This suggests that Malbert himself caused the changes on purpose to assume the role of leader and re-organize the society according to his plans. Having discovered this, Igor rushes into the arena where all mobile inventions are fighting, including a deranged Eva, and tells Eva in particular that potential for evil (represented by the 'Evil Bone') exists in all beings, but that each being may choose to disobey it. Hearing this in spite of her madness, Eva regains her sanity and reconciles with Igor. Scamper and Brain, meanwhile, deactivate the weather-manipulation machine, allowing the climate to return to its temperate character, and drop the device onto King Malbert, killing him. For his heroism, Igor is soon dubbed the new king. Doctor Schadenfreude takes the throne for a brief few minutes, but is stripped of his occupation and respect. The Fair is changed to an annual musical theater showcase, with Eva as the centerpiece of the first event, while all of Igor's former colleagues become equals to their erstwhile masters.

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