My experience (new know) to use Microsoft Office Word 2003 that is confused (confuse) on circumstances when dipertemukan, where I have the task of schools and the need to write a physics formula that looks so complicated and must be signed in the task of typing in my physics. Huff ..... is at that time did not have the formula to appear around the buttons in Microsoft Office Word 2003. And ask the guard sayapun rental computer (when it still does not have a computer) Stick out. Alhamdulillah, the guard announced that the function is not in-install, and the following more-less explanation to show the function formula in Microsoft Office Word 2003 (different from the Microsoft Office Word 2007 is already showing the function):

1. Log in to the application in Microsoft Office Word 2003, the following picture (yellow) indicate areas that can display a menu function command (command) that is not shown on the application this office. On this area, right click on your mouse and ...

2. After right click on your mouse, it will show a pop-up menu as follows. And select the Customize option on the bottom.

3. The next screen is like the picture below the default (normal / default), the position of the tab menu in the Toolbars tab. Thus, the position is located in the Commands tab.

4. In the Customize screen, look like the picture above to determine command (command) that you want to show. Data on the Categories List, select All Commands only. And on the List Data Commands, find the command (command) that you want to show. Here, I cite to find the function that will be displayed (to make the formula), namely InsertEquation.

5. If you have appropriate images as described above, click and hold slide (Click and Drag) to the position next to the existing commands (See picture).

6. Picture above shows that the key formula (read: Equation), which has been shown, but its still not there. The next step is to install by pressing the Yes button. (Do not forget Microsoft Office 2003 CD that is included on the CD-ROM).

7. Picture above shows the search process and install process

8. Picture above shows the search and Peng-an-install fails because the program was not found PRO11.MSI of the Microsoft Office 2003 CD. Do not give up, Select the Browse button to help the search if we are sure there is Microsoft Office 2003 CD that has been inserted into your CD ROM.

9. Picture above shows the view function formula (Equation) on the Microsoft Office Word 2003 that is currently being tested.

Hopefully useful and I do not deny that many of our brethren there, far, still learning as I do not know and may function to create a formula such as in the example above or functions (command / commands) are not known.

"Read the prayer and the duty"

Much, thank you.

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    Kang tatang

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