Smadav Revision 2009 4.1 is the latest version smadav the time this version is a revision to 4.1. Smadav on the previous version of the revised version 3, there are several features that can not be used in full, and that there are some bugs in it. In 2009 4.1 in Smadav this bug has been fixed and new features can be used with both.

One of the features that have been wait-wait is Smad-Lock. Is the facility's security SmadAV to lock the flash so that it can secure from virus infection. This is a more detailed explanation about the features and improvements in SmadAV-improvement that I quoted from the site SmadAV:


Flash is the main source of spread of the virus in Indonesia, most cases of virus infection in Indonesia comes from the exchange of a flash the computer with other computers. So if we can ensure that the flash is not infected with the virus from another computer then the computer of course we will be safe and will not be one-time virus infected. One thing that is fatal if the virus infected computers we import (such as conficker, sality, alman, etc.). Different if the computer infected with a virus that easily cleared Overall, the virus is very difficult to import akan clean, although could be cleaned but it will still leave the damage the former.

Thus, the best SOLUTIONS to this problem is only one, namely prevention. Almost all Local Virus & Import now utilize flash as a means of distribution, precisely to create the file autorun.inf which diinfeksikan to flash. So if we open a flash in the computer, the virus will run automatically right after we open a flash. Smad-Lock successfully create your flash is locked to ONLY autorun.inf file. Thus, the virus will not be able to create a autorun.inf file in your flash, the flash of course you have already locked by Smad-Lock Smadav. To activate the Smad-Lock You must enable SmaRTP Protection Smadav first. Smad-Lock is active and will lock automatically after you flash your light flash. Thus, the conclusion Smad-Lock has decided the distribution routes of virus in Indonesia.

Not only up to here, after the Smad-Lock lock your flash. Smad-Lock also create a folder on your flash, the folder named Smad-Lock (the triangle with the left and right). Smad-Folder Lock is a folder teraman from virus infection. The virus is almost impossible to enter and menginfeksi this folder and all files in it. So, all the files that you put in this folder VERY SECURE from virus infection. However, you may not me-rename the folder name is a bit. This folder should only be filled with files that are loaded with artificial microsoft program, such as office (diversiform DOC, XLS, PPT, and all other similar office). But actually you can also fill a file that is not diversified office documents, such as EXE, ZIP, rar, but it is when you do not open the file directly in this folder, you should move the file out this folder before opening it.

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  1. E_N_D_Y says:

    Ijin download SMADAV-nya yach.... Sambil kunjungan balik... :)

  1. shevy says:

    sedot dulu ya mas,,, slam kenal,
    kalo da waktu jangan lupa kunjungan balik...

  1. D says:

    Dah da yg rev 6 kleeee

    mata mu !!!

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