Intel re-launched a new type of processor is Intel Core i7, Core i7 is the further development of the Core series bottle neck effect on design tools and Core i7 processor itself is based on Intel Nehalem microarchitecture Intel first launched.

Core i7 processor models have 3 joined to the code name kelurga Bloomfield which all the quad core processor (4 core) are based on socket LGA 1366. Technical data for the Core i7, 45nm process technology, have the 731M (M = mega = million = 106) transistor. details see the table below:

Currently only x58 chipset that supports Core i7 Processor, a new technology that is embedded in the Core i7 is QuickPath Interface where the relationship between processor and memory via the chipset not lansung but between the processor and memory that will accelerate the transfer of data and technology, this method replaces the FSB (front side bus), which more or less close to the property AMD Hyper Transport.

For naming your own Core i7 does not have meaning in more, but why 7? because what windows 7? what's with the number 7?

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