If we edit the HTML blog will sometimes have difficulty, especially for those who are still quite a beginner. Whether it is code that can nemu want to edit it, I can be saved because it is an error, have pesen error that it is clear, and that is the other, to do ...??? Now tips and tricks this time i will try to overcome or at least reduce the problems that sometimes or often is.
Here are some tips to edit HTML bogger:

1. Backup Template
Membackup template is important because if there is anything that is not in want, for example, the blog is broken so we can make it to normal (before damage) if we have the previous backup template. How to backup your template easily. Just click on the link "Download Full Template" and save the template file in our computer. If an error occurs that can not be atasi us, we live aja upload file template.

2. Giving Alert Check Box on the "Expand Widget Templates"
This is sometimes forgotten that the "editor". If the "Expand Widget Templates" is not checked the code that the code search was not found possible. But sometimes this does not need to be done depending on the instructions of his tutorial. So note well its good tutorial I would like to Edit HTML blog.

3. Make Search Tips
To facilitate the search with the code that is used to copy the code that would search for and press "Ctrl + f" and enter the code you copied into the box before you appear. Eg I searched the code does not appear then try looking for a part of the code. For example the code would look for

if you do not meet the cb or find some data like this: if post.body already met then click the button next to see whether there are any other code the same code to make sure that you want. Tips, but this seems difficult dilakakukan using the browser "Chrome" is easy if you use the "Mozilla Firefox".

4. Tips Facing Error If the time comes to save edits and error messages appear, eg like this:
We were unable to save your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure.....
So things that we need to do is try to understand these error messages. Then we check the tutorial again if we read the steps we already do bener2 in accordance with tutorialnya. not sure if we can repeat again tutorialnya from the start by clicking the button "Clear Edit" first.

May be a problem for many mengahadapi this error message we will be more diepisode the other is more specific.

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