Now AddOns FasterFox vers 3.0.4 is support for the latest version of Mozilla FireFox (3.0.3). In the previous vers 2.0.2 not support for the Mozilla FireFox vers 3.0 and upwards. If you have not menggunkan FireFox is recommended to use it, because at this time as the best browser. To download the latest vers Click Here

Faster Fox:: FireFox AddOns fiture is one of the firefox browser add-on is created by Tony Gentilcore. With fasterfox can increase the speed of firefox when browsing. According to the information available, increasing the speed fasterfox FireFox 20% of the usual.

However, unlike the old vers, vers on Barru that we are required to register and to login to be able to download and install in our browser. But I FREE

After you register and log in, select the menu button "add to firefox", and then have the "install now", continue as it will be automatically downloaded and installed on our browser. And will also automatically appear a new icon on the right under our FireFox browser that we are using.

To download and Install FasterFox version 3.0.4 and click on the link below:

Note: you must first login before Downloading

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